Host a Play Date this July 

Bring kids together for fun this summer. Invite your child’s friends – and yours – to play and donate at your GOSH Charity Play Date.  

When? Pick any date in July that works for you.   

Where? Anywhere! At home, in a garden, in the park or at school or nursery.  

How do I fundraise? Ask for a small donation from your Play Date guests. Your Play Date pack will include some QR codes, taking guests straight to your Play Date fundraising page to make their donation. Don’t worry, there’ll be a collection box for any change too! 

If you're a nursery, club or school fundraising, ask the little ones to bring along a small donation in return for extra play-time and fun throughout the day. Our Host's Guide has more ideas for both home and school fundraising ideas.

How big does it need to be? Play Dates come in all shapes and sizes. Every amount raised, no matter how big or small, makes a big difference to GOSH.  

Whether you’re hosting for toddlers or school-age kids, at home or at nursery, school or a children’s group, you’ll receive a free Play Date pack and access to a downloadable kit.

Meet Eleanor

Seven-year-old Eleanor receives treatment at GOSH for a rare condition called hyperinsulinism. Her pancreas produces too much insulin, which in turn causes the level of sugar in her blood to drop. Without treatment, hyperinsulinism can have serious side effects.

GOSH's Play team has been a huge part of Eleanor's hospital journey so far. From organising fun activities to helping manage invasive treatment, they've been there every step of the way.

Mum, Rebecca, says: "She barely remembers the injections, needles and scans (from her visits to GOSH). She remembers and treasures everything she's ever made with the Play team.

The money raised at your GOSH Charity Play Date will fund the Play team at GOSH. It's play time that can change lives.

Meet Alanna, Play Specialist at GOSH

Alanna is a Play Specialist on GOSH's haematology and oncology wards.

"Play is so important for a variety of reasons. Not only is it fun, but it's a huge part of a child's development and how they learn. When a child is in hospital, it's important they have the same opportunities.

At GOSH, we're lucky to have access to a huge variety of play resources for us to offer the best service we can to families.

My team and I meet children when they're being investigated for - or diagnosed with - cancer. We help them, as well as their family, to understand their diagnosis and treatments, and help during procedures.

We are advocates for each child, ensuring they have a positive experience throughout their treatment journey."