Games to play

Our Host's guide to a Play Date, above, has lots of tips to make your GOSH Charity Play Date a success and here are more ideas and tips to ramp up the fun on the day.

Stuck in the mud: One person is 'it' and has to chase to the others. Once you've been 'tagged' you have to stand still until someone taps you to release you.

Cheesy puff challenge: Choose some 'catchers' and some 'throwers'. Put a shower cap on the 'catchers' and ask the 'throwers' to cover the shower caps in shaving foam. The 'throwers' now need to throw the cheesy puff crisps at the 'catchers' heads to see how many they can stick to them! The Play team use this activity in the hospital as it can help a child to be more active after an operation to help them get better. It can also be used for children who just enjoy being active to have some fun!

Sleeping lions: Perhaps a grown-up's favourite! Everyone has to lie as still and quiet as possible. If anyone moves, they're out.

Musical statues: Play some music and everyone dances. When the music stops, everyone has to stop. Last one to stop is out.

Make slime: Use our Slime recipe to make some slime. Children at GOSH make slime with the Play team, giving them a chance to be messy, relax, giggle, smile and play.

Treasure Hunt: Hide some things around the house, outside or wherever you're hosting your Play Date. Let the little ones find the 'treasure', whilst following some clues to help them.

A Water Bead Treasure Hunt: A treasure hunt with a difference. Purchase some 'Water beads'. Add them, and a small amount of water to a container, following the instructions on the pack (Be careful! They can expand by 150%). Leave them for a few hours to expand and then hide toys and objects in them for guests to take turns and see how many they can find. The Play team use water beads to help relax the children.

GOSH Charity Play Date Tips

Join our Facebook group: Chat with other GOSH Charity Play Date hosts on our dedicated Facebook group to share ideas and tips and ask questions to each other and the Play Date team.

Don't overthink it: Children know how to play. They do it all the time! So don't worry if you don't want to spend lots of time organising different games, they'll be just fine!

Invite early: Little one's diaries fill up very quickly. Make sure you tell people about your Play Date in plenty of time.

Snacks and drinks: Ask everyone to bring a few bits along to make it easier for you.

Boost your fundraising: Get creative in the kitchen and bake a few treats which guests could make a small donation for on the day - a bit like a bake sale!

Get the grown-ups involved: No-one is ever too old to play and it could make for some nice quality time with your little ones.

Take the chance to catch up: Whilst the little ones are keeping busy, it can be a chance for you to catch up and socialise with the grown-ups.

Ideas for fundraising at school, pre-school, nursery or group: Ask the little ones to bring in a small donation in return for extra play-time and fun throughout the school day. For the older ones, get them involved and ask them to think of fundraising ideas for kids. You could host a non-uniform day or a bake sale to boost your school fundraising even more.

Any questions? Get in touch with us at and the team will be happy to help.